Cal .30 Light Rifle, Updated & Revised



300 SAVAGE - Commercial case first used to determine the basic feasibility of the project goals. Headstamps most often encountered are SUPER-X, SUPER SPEED, and REM-UMC.

T65 - The first Frankford Arsenal case, nearly identical to the 300 Savage, 1.87" long. Headstamps are FA 45, FA 46, and FA 47.

FAT1 - 1.95" case, thin rim, wide extractor groove. Headstamps are FA 47, FA 48, and FA * 48.

FAT1E1 - 1.95" case, thick rim, narrow extractor groove. Headstamps are FA * 48, FA 48, FA 49, and FA 50.

FAT1E2 - 1.95" case. None known to exist.

FAT1E3 - 2.01" case. The final design. Headstamps are FA 49, FA 50, FA •50•, FA 51, FA •51•,
FA 52, FA 53, FA 54, LC 54, and WCC 54

FAT1E4 - 2.01" steel case. Headstamp FA 54


T65 Ball

T65, GMCS M2 bullet, 150 grain FB, T65 case
T65E1, GM or GMCS M2, GMCS T2E21 bullet, 150 grain FB, FAT1 case
T65E2, GM or GMCS M2, GMCS T2E21 bullet, 150 grain FB, FAT1E1 case

T65E3, GMCS M2 bullet, 150 grain FB, FAT1E3 case, hs FA49, FA52, WCC54

T65E4, GM, steel core T21 boattail bullet, 150 grain 10 ogive, FAT1E3 case, hs FA52 (FAT104E2)

T65E5, Re-designated the FAT233, FAT1E3 case

T70 Dummy

T70 = T65 case, M2 bullet, 2 holes drilled in case.
T70E1 to T70E3 = 1.95" case, various bullets, drilled cases.
T70E4 = 2.01" corrugated or drilled case, 145 grain BT bullet.
T70E5 = 2.01" corrugated case, 68 grain hollow bullet. (M63)

T71 High Pressure Test

T71 = T65 case, 170 grain bullet, tinned case
T71E1 = FAT1E3 case, 170 grain bullet, tinned case (M60)

T93 Armor Piercing (AP)

300 SAV = The Cal .30 M1906 AP M2 bullet.
T90 = M2 bullet loaded in T65 case. Uncommon.
T93= 140 grain flat base T6 bullet loaded in the 1.95" case.
T93E1 = 140 grain flat base T6 bullet loaded in FAT1E3 case, some w/stick powder.
T93E2 = 150 grain boattail T29 bullet loaded in FAT1E3 case (ball powder). (M61)

T101 Armor Piercing Incendiary (API)

T101 = 1.95" case, 140 grain bullet
T101E1 = FAT1E3 case 140 grain bullet
T101E2 = FAT1E3 case 140 grain 10 ogive bullet

T102 Tracer

T102 = 1.95" case, 140-145 grain bullet
T102E1 = FAT1E3 case, 140-145 grain bullet
T102E2 = FAT1E3 case, 140-145 grain 10 ogive bullet (M62)

T103 Observing

T103 = FAT1 case - modified T99 bullet
T103E1 = FAT1E3 case, 115-120 grain FB
T103E2 = FAT1E3 case, 115-120 grain FB, 10 ogive

T104 Ball, Steel Core

T104 = FAT1E1 case, 136 grain FB T11 bullet
T104E1 = FAT1E3 case, 136 grain FB T11 bullet
T104E2 = FAT1E3 case, 147 grain BT T21 bullet, 10 ogive, (M59)

T116 Grenade Cartridge

T116 = 1.95" case
T116E1 = 2.01" case (M64)
T116E2 = Long Neck, Rosette crimp

T172, Ball

FAT1E3 case with 173 grain M1 bullet

T233 Ball,

T233 = FAT1E3 case, 150 grain GMCS BT T28 bullet, (M80)



Thank you very much for the update!



Thanks Ray. I’m getting ready to launch my revised website and I’m trying to make sure that I have identified things correctly before I post them. This info will help me immensely!


Webmaster note: Separate list of cases has been added to top of this posting so case types and cartridge information is on the same thread. Separate case thread has been deleted.

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Ray–I have what I have always assumed was one of the pre-NATO rounds using the SUPER SPEED .300 SAV case (C/L 1.866 inch–47.4mm). It is a Proof Load with a tinned case with an Extra Long red lacquered Pointed FMJ bullet and a red lacquered case head.

I see you do not list this cartridge above. Have you seen it before? Do you feel it is part of the Pre-NATO rounds or just a .300 Savage Proof.


This is a great list Ray - good to see you back.


John - I copied and pasted the missing items.

Ron - More than one of those “proof” cartridges have found their way into collections. I have one. I, and others, like to think they are legitimate pre-NATO rounds but I can’t say that I’ve ever seen any documentation.

My lists do not include any of the cartridges using the 300 Savage cases. AFAIK, none of them were assigned “T” numbers. There are others not included, including the aluminum cased cartridges, as well as some seldom seen, loaded in FAT cases. I tried to keep the list as simple as possible.

BTW, it’s not really correct to refer to the case lengths in mm. This form of measurement was not adopted until 1954 when the cartridge became the NATO standard. Even then, it was a practice used mostly outside the US.



Ray–Until proven differently, I think I will continue to include the Extra Long bullet .300 Sav. Proof with my Pre-NATO collection. I have a SUPER-X .300 SAV. Proof using the soft point bullet which I assume is the standard .300 Savage Proof cartridge.

As for using Metric dimensions, I agree with what you said, as far as official designations. I used both in my post in response to a complaint from some European collector (I don’t remember who) that felt that on an international forum such as ours, that when dimensions are listed for a cartridge, especially when an ID is being sought, that the dimensions should be in either Metric units or in both Metric and Inch units. I tend to agree with that and so I try to remember to not be so provincial as to use only inch, which, after all, is used by only a few countries any more.


That is superb Ray, thank you. I have printed this off and added it to my reference information.