Cal .30 LR Cartridge ID

Here’s a photo of a Cal .30 LR HPT cartridge.

Tinned case, nickel primer with red seal, 170.6 grain GMCS HPT M1 bullet, FAT1 case, hs FA * 48.

Not the best photograph, but I have a cold and my mother would not let me go outside to take a better one.

Anyone seen one of these, or have one? It seems to be one of the those un-documented LR cartridges that keep showing up.




Very interesting item on which I had hoped to see others input on.

I assume from your post that the medium length (49mm) case (or at least the FAT1) has not previously been documented in the HPT configuration. The T71 and T71E1 HPT use the short (47mm) and full (51mm) length cases respectively per other info you have provided in the past.

It would make sense there would have been HPT loadings for all case types there were actual rifles chambered for?

Look forward to learning the designation and seeing a box!


I have not seen one of these before. I would be in the market if anyone has one for sale. Thanks for posting the photo. As now I know to start looking for one.

Dave & Zac

Thanks for the input.

It appears that the Lab may have a HPT cartridge on the '49 FAT1E1 case. If so, it would lend some weight to mine being authentic, although it would still be one that is not documented.

The E1 case HPT makes sense. The first really comprehensive tests of the prototype rifle (T25) paired with the prototype cartridge (1.95" case) began in 1948/49, and continued through 1950. That’s why you will find such a large variety of FAT1E1 cartridges (Ball, API, AP, Tracer) headstamped FA 49. But, you’ll also find many of those same cartridges with an FA 48 headstamp. So, why are there no documented HPT cartridges with a FA48 or FA49 headstamp? It would seem to me that the very first thing that FA would have done when making a change in case design (T65 to FAT1) would be a HPT cartridge.

But, that’s not the only uanswered question. All we can do is keep looking.



Quote “It appears that the Lab may have a HPT cartridge on the '49 FAT1E1 case.”

Can you explain what you mean by “the Lab” and “on the '49 FAT1E1 case.”



“Lab” means the Woodin Lab in Tucson.

“On” the FAT1E1 case means loaded in an FAT1E1 case. As sophisticated and urbane as I now am, my mis-western farm-boy background still spills out at times. ;-)