Cal. .30 M-1909 blank cans ca 2021

Saw a couple of interesting ammo cans today. These are the standard Cal. 50 cans
Top is a M2A1 & lower an M2A2 marked can both by S.C.F.
Contents I saw was a single rnd., a multi-petal crimped blank (not of the M-1909 style) " L C 1 5 " headstamp,
Didn’t see any cartons
Apparently from a military honor guard group of vets to salute and honor other vets at their place of rest.



Nice ammo cans!

0.30 Cal. Blank M1909 LC (ATK) Fact Sheet.pdf (82.7 KB)

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After LC stopped making .30 cal M1909 Blanks in the 1970s.
By the 1990s, the Army Procurement Office sourced .30 cal. CRIMPED blanks from AMA Denmark, and repacked them in 20 round cartons for distribution to
VFW and Legion Posts for Funeral Salutes.
As the AMA blanks started to run low in early 2000s, they tendered CBC of Brazil, for an extended profile .30 Blank, which was supplied in 20 round Packs.
For some reason, these were found to be unsatisfactory???

So back to AtK Lake City, for .30 Blanks, made using the 7,62mm M82 Blank Draw, ( 65mm) but sized
To .30 cal, loaded and Neck Star Crimp.
If it’s not Made Here, it’s no good??? ( US pretension ref Ammo)
In ADF, we found AMA blanks excellent in our .30cal BMGs, and later the Igman 2000 as well.
Doc AV

Thanks gentlemen.

Somehow odd to me that the M-1909 model blank has morphed into the star or petal crimp without a nomenclature change.

Perhaps not considered to be worth the effort? / expense?

Doc, as you might not be aware of this, perhaps 10? -15? years ago these honor guards from all over the US were having a very hard time finding suitable ammunition for their duty.
Several folks but mainly JohnS , was asking other collectors for any extras they could pass on. Finely the government stepped up & started production again.

Please see this older tread where I posted about the issue with the CBC blanks from Brazil

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