Cal .30 M1906 Match Boxes

Anyone who has any old Match boxes - what is the oldest dated box that actually refers to National Match ammunition? Not Palma or International but NM.



I had a box from 1939 in my hands a few weeks ago but couldn’t talk the guy out of it. I’m sure its not the oldest.

My oldest was pictured on page 44, in the IAA journal #468

I also have a box labeled;
Manufactured at
Frankford Arsenal "
It is unfortunately now empty.


You’re right. It’s not one of the oldest. But certainly is collectable. In fact, any box of '06 Match is collectable, especially pre-WWII stuff. Oh hell, [color=#FF0000]all[/color] US National Match, International, Palma, Olympic boxes are collectable, both '06 and 7.62MM. But then, I am a little prejudiced.


I’ve seen the 1925 box of primed cases. Your 1922 box is actually one containing cartridges for tests. When you throw it away let me know where and I’ll dig it out of the garbage. ;)

BTW, I’ve been meaning to ask - did you weigh the bullet from that Box? The label says 170 grains but the bullets from those days could weigh +/- as much as 5 grains. What did yours weigh. And was it cannelured? And did you measure the boattail angle? All important details to a nit-picker like me.


Hi Ray
Sorry no measurement of boat-tail, or weighing of the bullets. It was sealed when I got it & after showing to Bill Woodin for his input I got a “well open it & lets see whats in it” so I took it home & carefully opened one end then re-glued it after. So its again sealed.
If it’s very, very impotent, & for you, cuz ur such a nice guy, I’ll look again.


I guess it all depends on your definition of impotent.

Dated 1922 with a 21 R headstamp I would guess that it’s a 170 grain 6-degree boattail, no cannelure.

But, it was around that time that Maj Whelen made up a bunch of experimental boattails with every angle between 2 and 12 degrees. It could have been one of them.

The 6 degree were loaded in the 1922 and 1923 NM ammo. The 9 degree was finally determined to be the best and was first loaded in the 1924 NM and became the M1 in 1925.

I can wait to check one out after you sell me the box. ;)