Cal .30 M2

I just picked up this nice sealed box of Cal 30 M2. Headstamp is WRA 53.

It seems strange to me that the Govt would be using contract suppliers at this date ('53). Also, isn’t it odd that they would be packed in the typical 20 round boxes? For what weapon?

Or is it just me?


Ray- My bet is that this was made on foreign contract, not for U.S. military contract. Box style is more 1930s than 1950s looking, but perhaps that is what the buyer was used to and requested. As a guess, I would think possibly a South American buyer, but I am sure Chris P will come along and give us the correct answer.

My bet is that this is part of the contract for the Dominican Republic. I ran across some 30M2AP bullets that had relatively soft cores, much softer than the military spec, and they apparently came from this contract. I recently ran across a box of incendary silver tip loads from this contract and the box was very similar to the one you picture.

Cheers, Lew