Cal .30 m72 ammunition box

Here’s a very unusual Ammunition Box. Cal .30 M72 MATCH, 1964, Lot LC 12214.

LC manufactured only one lot of M72 in 1964 and it was this “Camp Perry” lot, headstamp LC 64 NM. There are no LC 64 MATCH headstamps that I know of.

Notice the very unusual number of rounds in one box.

This one doesn’t belong to me, unfortunately. I wish it did.


And they made so much of it, that a lot was converted to M1909 Blanks later in the 60s, and shipped to various middle-eastern “ALLIES” ( I have some “64 NM” cases in Blanks I got from ( by devious surplus and movie means) from Jordan.)

Doc AV

I have some of those M1909 Blanks made from the LC 64 NM brass. And, one of the chrome plated Camp Perry souvenirs.

A normal lot of M72 NM was approximately 1 million rounds. The other lots in any one year were used for practice or for the lesser national matches so, in this case, there must have been enough left over '63 to meet the demands.

Also, by 1964, the new 7.62MM MATCH M118 and the equally new M14 NM rifle were beginning to dominate the matches, and production of M72 was being reduced accordingly. In 1968 the last of the M72 was manufactured, ending an era of competition cartridges that started 60 years earlier.