Cal .30 MATCH Information Needed

My research of the Cal .30 MATCH ammunition never ends. I am looking for anyone who may happen to have a box, or boxes, of Frankford Arsenal M72, Lots 120 or 121. They will look like the one shown below. I am interested in the cartridges inside, particularly the primer seal color. I would not want you to open a sealed box, but if you do have one please let me know. Thanks



I don’t have a box but several loose FA 61 MATCH cartridges.
All have a red primer seal and have the same length.
The weight varies between 422,3 grain and 425,5 grain.
Not sure if that is within Match tolerances or if there is something else you are looking for



What I am specifically looking for are cartons or boxes of Lot FA 120 with a primer seal other than red, and cartons or boxes of Lot FA 121 with a primer seal other than orange. Those with the orange seal were supposedly a special lot manufactured for the 1961 International team but the ones I have, or have seen, appear to be standard National Match cartridges. Neither the cartons nor the boxes make any reference to a special loading or to their use for International competition. There must be some reason for the orange sealant, but what exactly is it?

I realize I have a one-in-a-million chance of finding anything conclusive but I keep trying in hopes of someone out there knowing something more. I have to start somewhere.