Cal .30 MATCH Packaging

Cal .30 Match ammunition was packed like most other small arms ammunition - in cartons, clips, boxes and crates. The 20-round cartons and 8-round clips are common, found in most collections. Steel Ammunition Boxes are not nearly as common, but not rare by any means. Wood crates and boxes are rare. But, it’s seldom, or never, that you can find ammunition of the same lot in its original carton/box/crate packaging. Here is one. From 1959, Frankford Arsenal Cal .30 M72 Match, Lot FA 82.

Nice! Condition looks really nice.


Thank you Chief and Steve. I really like the Match stuff although I know I’ll never recover my costs, and my wife/kids will probably simply toss it in the garbage, along with me, when the time comes.


M72 Match cans have been noted in both the .30 caliber size and .50 caliber size, for those who want one of everything.

Nice stuff Ray. This is still one of my favourites.
For sale in the US but unfortunately too heavy to ship to Europe


Yes, the .30 caliber size boxes usually contained clipped ammunition, whereas the .50 size contained cartons. I have seen one unusual .50 cal box that held 512 rounds in clips. An unusual packaging.

Here’s a very early .30 caliber box that contained Lake City T291 clipped ammunition. Shooters kept telling me that LC did not manufacture T291 and that none of the T291 was clipped. I knew better and found this box to prove it. What’s interesting is that I found this box in my own garage, full of nuts and bolts. I evidently had it for more than 30 years without realizing that it was there. Serendipity!

Rene - I think I know who has that blue box. He’s right here on the Forum, correct?