Cal .30 NM Box


Because of the underwhelming response to my thread on the rare FAT65E4 box I have decided to forego any more Cal .30 LR boxes and turn to my own favorite, the Cal .30 NM.

1957 box, T291, Lot FA 1. Full and sealed. Cartridges are headstamped FA 57 MATCH. The only box I have seen with the basic Jan 57 label without over-labels. All added information is hand stamped. Most likely a pre-production box for inspection and possibly accuracy testing.


I assume that Army Arsenal in Metuchen,NJ does not exist anymore? I did not comment on FAT65E4 box because I did not want to look stupid, that type of rarity is totally out of my league.



You are as informed as anyone on this Forum, IMHO. Anyone who says otherwise is the fool. One of the reasons I post stuff like the T65E4 box is because I am ignorant of most of the information and I look for others to clue me in. It’s how I learn. Long ago I outgrew my fear of looking stupid.

Raritan Arsenal no longer exists, as far as I know. I believe it is still being cleaned up since it was once considered contaminated from all the junk that was buried during it’s operation. It never manufactured ammunition. It made the boxes and labels and shipped material and supplies to other arsenals and military facilities.