Cal .30 T291 MATCH


I know this is going to thrill everyone so much that you won’t be able to sleep tonight.

I just got my hands on this ammunition box. It even includes the original clipped cartridges. You won’t see many of these since only 6 lots are known. But, if you have one, let me know.



May we see the clips/chargers? Any markings on them?



There is nothing unusual about the packaging or clips. The headstamp, however is unique. Only used in 1957 for the Lake City Arsenal Cal .30 T291 Match.

Lake City did not manufacture Cal .30 Match ammunition again until 1961 and by that time the cartridge was designated the M72.



Ray, nice box, thanks for posting. Do you have a picture of the metal box that was used for this same T291 ammunition packed in cartons?



I have never seen the Lake City T291 packed in cartons. All that I have, or have seen, are packed in clips, in ammunition boxes. I have been looking for a carton for several years and have never seen one, and I know of no one who has.

Lake City T291 was intended to familiarize Lake City Arsenal with the manufacture of the new Cal .30 Match ammunition. The LC ammunition is somewhat of an enigma. Ordnance notes indicate that 2 lots were made but I have already identified 6. As far as I know, none of the ammunition was ever issued except for testing and practice, and that could explain the lack of any in cartons.

I’d sure like to hear from anyone who has seen any of the LC T291, except as loose cartridges.



Ray, thanks, for some reason I assumed that some of these cartridges were also packed in cartons.

An article published in AR Aug. 62 mentions that Lake City manufactured 3,580,000 rounds of this T291 ammunition. Does this agree with the ordnance notes?



That seems like a reasonable number, but I do not know for sure. Let me get back to you on this.




The notes are not clear if the 3,580,000 rounds were LC, FA, or both. Can you scan and send me a copy of the AR article?



Ray, no problem, I’ll scan the article and a couple more related to this cartridge but it will take me a couple of days because these are in our association’s library.


Thanks Fede. My email address is in the little box at the bottom of the post.



Ray, my e-mail account doesn’t work so I just send you a PM. The scans are ready…