Cal .45 FA 4


I have a Cal 45 M1911 NPE. The steel case is brown lacquered (my terminology). I have no idea what kind of coating was put on steel case ammunition from the WWII era. I looked in HWS Vol II and found a reference to this on page 16. The information states that cases made at FA were sent to Western Cart Co for antimonial lead plating. Is this one of those cartridges? If not, what do I have.
The bottom 2 photos have a FA 21 brass case 45, 2 lacquered steel case WWII German 9mms and a 7.62 x 39 steel case from CZ for color comparison.

FA%204%20Brown%20case%20a FA%204%20Brown%20case


Not an answer but a possible hint in the WW2 record of work on small arms ammunition-

From the chapter on steel cartridge case work:

Note the blue arrow on the page below where phenolic lacquer is listed as being tested on .50 BMG steel cartridge cases. Perhaps is was also tested on .45 steel cases.



What did the Germans use for coating on steel case ammunition in WWII?


Here is a line-up of FA 42 & FA 43 headstamped steel cased 30-06, all with different coatings



do you know the history on any of the coated cartridges?
1751, 1254, 1752, 1749, 1748?


FWIW, some additional information on resin coatings tested on .50 cal. steel cartridges. Source is the same as listed above.





I have updated the picture with some more variations I have.
I have added what I have as description. This is information that came with the cartridges when I purchased them.
Most of them came out of a mature collection.