Cal .45 M1911 Ball Box

Another recent gunshow find…

At the risk of sending Ray over the edge, I was hoping someone could tell me what year Lot No. 496 might have been produced in.

While not perfect, it seems to be a fairly clean and unopened box but I am curious as to what dates might be seen on the headstamps.



I have been doing a bit of research on 45 M1911 20 Rd boxes and Ammunition Lot 496 is FA 32. It does not always work so easy as a lot of boxes appear to have been relabelled with a new wrapper including new lot number over the old - frustrating not knowing what the old lot number was and in many cases they are still sealed so no headstamp information.



I seldom go over the edge because of Cal .45 M1911 lot numbers. At least not as much as I used to. You’d be surprised at how mellow I am, especially when it nears my jammy time of 9 PM.

Now, if you asked for a date on Cal .30 M1 or Match, I could have given you the year, month, day and hour. But the only way I would know about a carton of .45 is to - well you know. ;-)

But, it’s all moot because LesB has bailed us out.



Thank you for that information. I hope your research leads to a body of work you might share with the IAA!


You are absolutely right that there is no substitute for empirical knowledge of what one has in hand, but I’m just a junior in this field and (usually safely) assume there are likely others that have the information I seek. I suppose that at some point I will have matured enough to say the heck with it and open the unopened (to be sure) and pull those I always wondered about…