Cal. .50 auction


I must be missing something here. Maybe it’s the SL 42 h/s. Maybe the black tip. Maybe I need to bid on these.
Found these on an online auction, that ends today. 17 bids have bumped the price to $99. After commissions and shipping, the total price would kiss $150.
Considering I have a couple of boxes of assorted live rounds, some empties and about 200 reloaded dummies laying around, my net worth has improved exponentially.
Anybody see something about these that I need to be aware of?


Perhaps it’s the remains of the “experimental tape belting”?


Maybe its worth buying up some more of these from somewhere else cheap and selling them to make a profit. I could have bought a few at SLICS for prices nowhere near that. If I was in the USA I would really consider doing this to make money on the side.


The specialty may be that the 99$ bidder is a buddie of the seller…


I have been buying small amounts of WWII era 50 BMG AP for $2.50 each.


I don’t want to bid on those but would you post the web site if it’s some place that has cartridges up for auction alot of the time


The auction closed. They went for $134.00!!!
No kidding.


a fool and his money…


Maybe there’s an image of the virgin Mary somewhere in the tape residue on one of those bullets? Hey, if burned toast sells for so much, then…?