"Cal 50 FA 36" headstamp


Is this a common pre-war headstamp configuration? I usually see the plant designation at 12 o’clock.


Yes - in this caliber, it is a pretty standard FA headstamp style for that caliber.

John Moss


It seems that the “CAL .50” was dropped after 1939…I have found here in Australia some 1939 FA with “CAL .50” but the 1940 onwards are simply “FA 40” etc.

Cases came out of an old WW II Air shooting range in North Qld. (Pacific War area).

Doc AV


I have the same headstamp, with a “28” date code (if you’re trying to put a window on the era)
IMHO while not a “rare” headstamp, it is none the less a interesting one.


While not the same pattern Head Stamp,I have an F A 21.The letters FA,are very wide spaced.(at 12 O clock),on a fired case .So I would guess the HS as shown by Valad was used starting post 1921 ?
Jack Wells


Vlad–According to HWS Vol. 1, Page 232, the “CAL 50 FA xx” style headstamp was used from 1926-1939.