Cal. 90 T4 Colt MG Pictures with ammunition

The Connecticut State Library (like many other libraries including the Library of Congress) has uploaded high quality copies of many of their photographic collections to the photo share web site Flickr. Of the thousands of photos from the CT State Library on Flickr are sets of photos from the Colt Firearms Company. From these sets I came across 2 high quality photographs of the experimental Colt T4 Cal. 90 MG from the early 1940’s. The first photo shows the MG from the left side including the ammunition feed tray loaded with 8 rounds of ammunition. The second photo shows the right side of the MG. Both photos show the telescopic sight used to aim the MG. Here are the web pages for these two photographs: … 3735595179 … 735607769/

For those unfamiliar with Flickr it is free and for many pictures there you are given the ability to view enlarged images of the photo your viewing. To view a larger image of one of the photos listed above go to that photo in Flickr (hit the web address listed above) which takes you to the main page for the photograph. Above the photo among other things you will see the word ‘Actions’ with a down arrow next to it. Click on this with your cursor. This opens a little box, the top line in the box says ‘View all sizes’, click on this line. Now a slightly larger view of the same picture will appear and above the picture is a series of image SIZE options. Click on ‘Original’ and you will get a very large high quality image of the picture you are viewing. While in ‘View all sizes’ you can (for some photos) save a copy for your personal use.


Brian, thanks a lot for pointing out these high res. images of all the interesting weapons!!!


You are very welcome! It always good to share small but interesting bits of information.


Thanks - I’ve never seen a pic of that before!

Great pictures… Thanks