Cal Boethin Estate Auction

I have just received a flier for the above estate auction which arrived too late to go in the Sept/Oct issue of the IAA Journal.

Many of you will recall that Cal Boethin was, for many years, a regular at the Chicagoland/St Louis cartridges shows and usually called the live auction there.

The details from the flier are as follows: Cal Boethin Estate Auction

"Nov 17 & 18, 2007, 10am both days. (Lots 1-1400+)
National Guard Armory, Phillipsburg, Kansas
(Phillipsburg is approx. 60 miles north of Hays, Kansas on Hwy 183)

This will be one of several 2-day live auctions. Preview will be on Friday Nov 16th.

Included in this auction will be cartridges/ammo (antique to modern), bullet boards, loading tools, books and other gun/ammo related items.

Lots 1500+ will be sold at a later date and includes guns, advertising items, shotshell boxes, bullet boards, more cartridges/ammo, loading tools & books.

For a complete lot numbered listing of what will be sold on both days: send $3.00 for postage to Ashley’s Auctions, PO Box 117, Kirwin, KS 67644 or go online to for complete listing after October 1, 2007"

That’s all the info I have. … Chris P.

The Cal Boethin Auction lot listing is now available on the above mentioned website. Please note the correct website spelling: Click on “Auctions” and then “Auction Calendar”.