Calgary gun show 2009

.22 Carbine
G&H 22-3000
Wolf 5.45x39
7x57 Kynoch
7x57R RWS
7.5 x55 TT 53 proof
7x66 VH
7.21 Lazzeroni firebird
375 Ruger

I didn’t find much new stuff this time but the price was right .

The 7x66 VH has a neck split starting I believe. I will pick up another round and save this one to section some day.


What is special about Wolf cartridges? Is it availability or something I don’t know? How big are shows in Calgary? I never saw a Canadian gun show.

I bought the Wolf to section -it was cheap…
There is only one major gun show in Calgary on the Easter week end and a couple of smaller shows each year.
There are far fewer displays of fine firearms and collector cartridges as the years go on.
I go and have lunch with a good friend then visit with Merv to see what’s new in collector rounds. I missed a mint 5.2 x 68 mm Mondragon round by buying lunch first that morning on the way to the show. Next time I will remember this …

It all depends on just who comes to the gun show each year.
I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Ralf Martini a couple times and handling some fantastic Hagn single shot rifles.

This year the gun show was quite dull and cost $10 to enter. I do really wonder what I will see on the tables next year.



To heck with the cartridges. Send me down that lovely falling block single-shot rifle! What a classic beauty. No wonder you took a picture of it!

This year had a few fine displays of collector firearms but I was after some Eley .22 lr match ammunition and a few other items-no luck there.

There were two gentleman from an English firearms auction company sitting at a small table looking quite bewildered and confused. Possibly the Calgary Easter gun show was not quite what they had expected.

I didn’t take that photo but look here.You really have to at least see and handle these rifles first hand to appreciate them …