Cali ammo sales

WoW imagine that, folks are buy a 1000 rounds at a time. My goodness two bricks of .22’s or a case of .223 who could ever use all that hunting ammunition in one life time.

My tongue is planted firmly in my cheek.


Gunbroker about to see a huge surge of private ammo sales going into CA from almost every other state in the lower 48, packed in dubiously contents-labeled UPS boxes, or even US Mail… Illegal for the recipient, but not the sender (as long as not by U.S. Mail). FFL’s and large businesses wont do it, but the private sellers on GB and Armslist… whoa boy, get ready. Enforcement officials in California have NO time or budget to invest in officiating this nonsense.

Sounds like a good weekend to me!

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Matt, they’ll probably hunt down a few test cases in the first few months and document some examples of serious “offenders”.

Yeah, I dont think any of the regular collectors or licensed retail sellers will knowingly violate it, but I have no doubt that a great many elder hunters / collectors etc. will run afoul of it - with zero criminal intent or awareness of such an absurd state of affairs. There will always be some few characters like the HKparts guy, or the War Dogs guys who will make a business of it and get caught though. Thats all that the current CA government will need to feel good about the whole thing.

You’re not stockpiling unless you’re cracking the slab ;)

Cheeked tongue noted


Not sure when this tread started ? I have been shipping to FFLs with a COE only for ammo sales to CA sense Jan 1 2018 by CA law.
I think the FOID idea is best, (Firearm Ordance I.D.) Buyer sends you a copy of his FOID and you ship him.
To get a FOID they just go to their local law enforcement and get a background check, and he’s done.
Of course any bad guy or gal can still get a gun and ammo from other bad people.
But the FOID will keep the anti-gun liberals happy, for a year or two ;-)

Something like AmmoOne describes is too simple for California. The process for buying ammo after July 1st is complicated and incredible. It is approaching that date, and my dealer, as an example, has not yet received any instructions for implementation of the law, other than what the general requirements will be. He explained those to me, and frankly, I only understood half of what he told me, even though I worked with gun law for 36 years of my life as a professional retail dealer.

Nothing will keep the segment of the population referred to “happy” until they have total control of government and the lives of their “subjects.”


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And all these new laws will prevent violent crime? Sad. Sure feel sorry for all the honest gun owners, target shooters, hunters and collectors in California! Tom in MN

I have never been shown that any of the gun laws enacted throughout the United States have ever reduced crime or accidental shootings. The NRA gun safety program that was given free to clubs, schools and the like was proven to reduce firearms accidents among Junior hunters and shooters, to below the levels of the adults. As I recall, it was called “Eddie Eagle” or something like that. There are over 20,000 gun laws on the books throughout the USA, and again, I have never been shown any evidence that a single one ever reduced crime with guns. Maybe a few have - Obviously, the number of these laws, Federal, State, County and Town/City precludes knowing the results of their passage by most, but you would think if they did, the “other side” would be touting all the evidence for it. But that is not the way they think. The answer to everything that offends them is take it away from others, or pass a new law against it. It far transcends just the gun issue.



your last sentence sums these times up, accurately, and totally.

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Narcotics are illegal in California, but you can find them literally everywhere. In San Fran and L.A. it is absolutely chronic and widespread. So new laws against ammo will not do anything to curb access to, or prevent crime where ammo is used. It will just frustrate and impede law-abiding citizens from having access to it. If anything the crime will become worse since they are now creating conditions for ammo smuggling where cash will obviously be the payment method. Mixing cash, ammo, (probably illegal guns), and gangsters moving the product around should work out just fine. Already PLENTY of infrastructure in CA to accommodate that from the drug, human, tobacco, and animal-product traffickers. Lately in CA, it’s like watching the crumbling of South Africa from 2000 to present via corruption and backwards legislating, except it’s in a little pocket of the U.S., right alongside other states which function normally,and without such crazy problems.

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It is sad here. If our law makers just gave our law enforcement the funds to enforce the current laws we would have much lower crime, but they just keep making unenforceable laws that the Sheriffs in the central California area refuse to enforce. I still have not figured out how “they” will enforce the ammo by mail law. I think it is still against the constitution to open our mail. I don’t like to lose, but I am heading to another state soon.

In the US as elsewhere, Ammunition CANNOT be sent by
It CAN be sent by Road Parcel Delivery, such as Fedex, UPS, etc, with the ORM-D label.
Anybody attempting use of US Mail Service to receive ammo will end up in Club Fed for a number of years. Nothing to do with State Laws.
Doc AV
(Even furriners know US Postal Regs…)

Doc - in the US now, the ORM-D label, if you are referring to the blue ones so marked, are obsolete. The new label has not alphabetical markings, rather just a Diamond-shaped (four points) figure divided into three sections, black-white-black.

I don’t know if shipping company’s are still accepting the old blue ORM-D labels marked “Cartridges, Small Arms” or not. It has been awhile since I shipped anything UPS or Fedex, but some months ago, our local UPS office did accept a couple of shipments from me with the older sticker on it. I hope they still do, because I have about 500 of the old blue labels, on a roll, still. I haven’t even found a place to get the new ones, and will likely just print them out myself.

You are correct, of course, about the illegality of shipping ammunition by Post. I think Joe just used a wrong phrase in that. He is a friend, and I know he is aware of and obeys the laws. Like all of us captives within the borders of California, he is upset by the new laws. It is not just the gun laws either. Even retired Peace Officers are fleeing the State. On a trip, my son stopped by a realty office in Tennessee, a state he has visited often since he has several retired California Highway Patrol friends (my son is retired from the CHP) there, and the realtor greeted him by his first name. I suspect when his wife retires, he will move there also. I am simply too old to start my life over in a new state, or I would get the h–l out of this Orwellian 1984 people’s paradise, and move back to America.

John Moss

You are correct Doc Av. I did mean the commercial carrier’s by ground, but I should be more careful, I did see a USPS truck deliver a package on a Sunday not to long ago.

Looks like a federal judge in California has put a stop on the law which required a background check, and thus prevented ammo shipments being received directly via online purchase -


Not sure how long it will hold up, a California customer of mine said the stop on the magazine over 10 round band only lasted 5 days and the court of Federal of appeals over rules it , I do not know if true.
Got this also:

Well, that was fun while it lasted. I just read - assuming it is true because it is from one of the large sporting goods website - that the Federal Court of Appeals just issued an “emergency” halting of the injunction that was put on the California law, so already, it seems, it is illegal again to send ammunition to anyone but an FFL Dealer in California. I always found that law, while disgusting but typical of the warped thinking of the Demonazis that run California, slightly amusing, since it doesn’t take an FFL Dealer to sell ammunition. A few “minor” problems here, such as restraint of trade, UNequal protection under the law in realtion to the freedoms in other states, etc. ad nauseum. But then, when you live under a foreign dictatorship - The Republik of Kalifornia - you have to live with such things.