Caliber Compatibility Chart?

Folks, I want to create a chart which shows which ammo can be fired from the same gun (.38 + .357, for example).

Luckily it occurred to me that this must already exist! Does anyone either have one or have a link to one?

Rich–This verges on the prohibited side of information that can be posted due to possibility of liability if someone said something could be used in a gun and a problem occurred. However, I will send you a chart from Remington by email that should answer most of your questions.

I will allow the posting of links to PUBLISHED charts. NO personal lists.

This may help, even though it’s the opposite of what your asking for (unsafe vs safe) and I think it’s a list that RM will allow.

Wow, the liability aspect didn’t occur to me, though it does make sense.

Thanks for the info guys.

The SAAMI list shows the difficulty of preparing these kinds of lists and trying to cover all possibilities. I suppose I shouldn’t point out specifics on the SAAMI list, again due to liability, but I will say, based on 55 years as a shooter, 36 years in the retail firearms industry and 45 years of studying ammunition as a collector, that SAAMI’s list is flawed, if not in intent, than in terminology and lack of explanation.

As published by Thomson Education Direct: