Caliber question, what is 7 MM-30-120

I got a question, from a client…
he has seen an RCBS Die Set, of Group G (= special made) which has the above label on the box, and the FL Die is stamped with RCBS 7 MM-30-120, also the box reads the same.
Here is the pic:
unbekanntes Kaliber 7mm-30-120

What caliber is this, as I cannot find anything in my files, nor do I find this caliber in the RCBS Order sheets…

Can you help, please

Sincerely Peter

and yes, happy easter (pic stolen from en email from AKAH/a german wholeseller of hunting goods)

stay safe…and at HOME

frohe Ostern-by AKAH

It is a .28-30-120 Stevens.

thx for the quick answers @cartguy and @RangerJoe, appreciated


I disagree. Die sets (not much used by those of us who still shoot the .28-30 Stevens regularly) are marked with the conventional 28-30 or 28-30 Stevens designations. The 28-30 Stevens is a 1900 era target cartridge limited to single shot actions. It had & still has black powder era ballistics.

The 7mm-30-120 is a wildcat based on the .30-30 Winchester case. It was intended as a medium game and varmint cartridge using light bullets. It may be a precursor to the 7mm wildcat promoted by gun writer Ken Waters.

My thoughts also.
The 7x30 Waters standard loading was a 120 grain bullet.

I was looking for my 1970s’ “RCBS CARTRIDGE and CHAMBER DRAWINGS”- a BIG 3-ring binder with lots of added cartridge info, (at one time I was seriously into wildcatting), which I am unable to locate…

… but I found several interesting ammo and fuse cases I have no memory of!