Calibers available in Remington No.5

What smokeless calibers were offered for the 1896, 1897, 1901, 1902, 1910?

From the few sources I’ve seen:

.236 Remington
.30 Remington
.30-40 Krag
.303 Enfield
7x57 Mauser
7.65 Mauser
8mm Lebel

Am I missing anything?
I’ve read that there were some 7.62x54R sent to Russia, but I’ve only read it in magazine articles (any proof or records?)

I know there were some conversions outside the factory, such as the 6.5 Daudeteau in Uruguay, but I’m looking for factory offerings.

Thanks in advance

Other smokeless calibers I can add are: .30-30, .32 Win. Special, .32-40, .38-55 and 7.62x54R (commercial). Regarding those chambered for the 6.5 mm Daudeteau No. 12, as far as I know only one of this rifles is known to exist and is not clear who made this conversion.

Thanks Fede, I too have only see one example of 6.5 Daudeteau and it was on gunbroker. Could you list a source for the 7.62x54r rifles?

The Remington in 7.62x54R caliber made for Russia is mentioned in “Remington Rolling Block Military Rifles of the World” by G. Layman, where he says that 2,981 rifles were sent after the war with Japan.

Do you have a link to that 6.5 mm conversion offered for sale at Gunbroker?

This might be better answered by some of the folks on the Remington Society of America page forum:

Many of the RSA leaders have done considerable research in the Remington Archive records.

Thanks again! I don’t have a link for the auction as it was a few years ago. But I remember it was stocked in a similar manner as the converted mausers (side mounted cleaning rod etc) and the auction included an old B&W photo of supposed Uruguayan armorers converting a rolling block

this isnt the rifle i was talking about but i found this … m=11232815

though this doesnt look original to me. best case, uruguayan armorers special

Thanks! Then there is evidently more than one known to exist today. This is the second I have seen and construction of both examples is identical.

The story mentioned by the seller is far from being documented, specially regarding why Mr. Dovitiis has something to do with Remington rifles converted to 6.5 mm Daudeteau No. 12 caliber.