California about to end cartridge shows-- ACT NOW!

From the NRA-ILA
On Thursday, May 31, Assembly Bill 362 was amended and voted out of the Assembly Appropriations Committee. AB362 would require identification be presented for all mail order and face-to-face ammunition sales. Sellers of ammunition would be forced to keep detailed and accurate sales records of all ammunition sales. No retail seller of ammunition would be able to sell, offer for sale, or display for sale any ammunition in a manner that allows ammunition to be accessible to a purchaser without the assistance of the retailer or authorized employee. The bill was amended to include a user fee on ammunition sales to defray the cost of background checks on purchasers. NRA-ILA will have more information on the new amendments once they are in print. It is critical that you contact your Assembly Member TODAY and ask that he or she oppose AB362. Contact information for your Assembly Member can be found by visiting ext.htm.

NOTE- To collect the newly added “user fee” for “background checks” of ammo sales they will also undoubtdly require registration and licensing of ANYONE selling ammo in Kalifornia or to anyone living in the state. No dealer will risk shipping ANY ammo into Kalifornia if this thing passes!

The key to gun control has always been AMMUNITION control . They have figured it out. The LOCK is ENFORCEMENT which ,of course, will be used against the legit collector and shooter but NOT against the criminals. These mandatory sentence gun and ammo charges are most often used as bargaining chips in prosecution rather than for real enforcement of criminals.

Surely a cartridge show in California wouldn’t be very interesting anyway.

The California shows have always been good. There are major ordnance assets in California both private and military and stuff does bleed out. For many years the GREAT WESTERN gun show was the largest in the country-made illegal by the local dogooders.

Our government at work again looking out for the welfare of the people. Punish the law-abiding and do nothing to pursue and prosecute the real criminals.

Sounds like the “scamnesty” bill doesn’t it?


I’m sure California shows were good, but as usual, anything enjoyable had to be made illegal by leftist bureacratic idiots.

Heavyiron - You are not alone in the USA with political lunacy, this is happening in the UK and most other “civilised” societies today. In the UK this week, not surprisingly, an initiative to rehabilitate paedophiles in the community and spare them jail has been universally condemned by the general public. Now what was the person who suggested that idea thinking?

Recently I was setting up my grandad’s new petrol lawnmower, and I noticed a “NOT FOR SALE IN CALIFORNIA” sticker on it. Is that one of those assault lawnmowers everyone is so frightened of? ;-)

You would think the governments would look out for the good of the majority of its people, but not so.

Instead our government has been bought and paid for by special interest groups and lunatic fringe groups in both parties. It makes me shudder to think what my children will have to endure in this future society.

Instead of passing meaningful legislation such as energy independence, improving the education system, tax reform, universal medical coverage, tort reform, or effective trade policies the republicans gave us an energy bill sponsored by the oil lobby, a personal bankruptcy bill sponsored by the banking lobby, and “scamnesty” sponsored by the largest business lobby - the Chamber of Commerce. What a dismal record.

Its sad when illegal immigrants get more representation in Congress than the majority of middle class taxpayers. But that is the point we are at. It doesn’t really matter which party is in office anymore because the taxpayers are the ones who will be the victims since they have become the unrepresented majority in this country.

The US is still the greatest place in the world in which to live because of the personal freedoms and the economic opportunity we enjoy (paid for by the people like my father who fought to defend them). I just wonder how much longer it will last. I know the entire country of Mexico is eager to move here.


The more this stuff goes on, the more I believe many people need to be strung up from lamp posts, and their bodies left to rot.

They will keep chipping away at all freedom, until the gov controls EVERYTHING

Start learning Chinese.

I thaink the FPP may soon intervene…

  • Back in Romania I did live in a totalitarian society more than 30 years. Believe me it was an awful and ugly life experience. Unfortunately each day it seems that we go in that direction. More rights are taken away from the people step by step, rights which will never be given back. It’s like a nice red apple which always starts to rot from inside. Liviu 06/04/07

Too bad for us that men do not learn from the experience of others. Most of us have to be burned even after Mother says “HOT” !

This is from one of the top British ammo collectors of all times :

"Yes, Our stupid lawmakers have banned most things, we can no longer own any handgun, and ammo is also very restricted. Youngsters are not coming into the hobby because of all the red tape and hassle.

I am among the last generation here to know what shooting a handgun is like and possibly also ammo collecting will also die out within this generation.

Nowadays I just collect the books and catalogs, also now early loading tools."