California ammo-buying law proposal

and there’s this:
But it’s only a proposal at the moment. Were it to pass, I can only imagine it would mean something like a FOID card system such as Illinois or Massachusetts has. In any case, the wild west of Armslist & Gunbroker would se an uptick in activity. Speaking of FOID card problems, I was in MA at Gillette Stadium last month, and when I tried to purchase empty new brass cases at a nearby Bass Pro Shops, they denied me for not having a FOID card. The woman there said that purchasing even shotgun wads would require a FOID card…

Some MA shops have allowed me to purchase bits with an 03 FFL and PA CC license. On the other hand, some have not.

Having been stuck in Commie-Fornia all of my 52 years on this earth, I really get sick of the new proposals. But, on the other hand, they have tried this before and it never made it very far. Hopefully that is the same this time around.