Camp perry box and brass


Does anyone collect Camp Perry boxes and brass? I have just gotten several boxes of original 30-06 brass in the original Camp Perry 1962 Lake City Match Ammo boxes. Is something like this worth anything more than just the reloadable brass. I have pictures of the boxes and brass but don’t know how to add a picture here. Any info appreciated.



I don’t know of anyone who collects the fired brass but there may be some who collect the boxes. They wouldn’t have a lot of value since you can still get full, sealed boxes for $20 to $30 if you are patient and shop around. I recently bought two boxes of LC 65 NM, one sealed and one open for $25.

What are the lot numbers on the boxes? Do they all have the lids still attached?

If you want to email me the photos I’ll be happy to post them for you. Photos always help to sell stuff.



Here’s a photo of the Camp Perry boxes that Jim has. He has a few for sale. These are good boxes, correct lot number, not often encountered. email him direct. I will also post this on the BST Forum.