Can anybody help me regarding some information on these rimfire cartridges?

The first is what I believe is a .56-50 Spencer round, It’s a rimfire marked with a U so I am assuming it is a Remington manufactured bullet. It also has a wooden Sabot with a greenish sealent (I guess).
(all in inches)

The dimensions are so:
Sabot dia: .496
Rim dia: .641
Base dia: .566
Case length: 1.162
OAL: 1.57

The second is what I guess to be a .56-46 Spencer blank. Its dimensions are so:
Neck dia: .44
Rim dia: .626
Base dia: .538
Case Length: 1.494
OAL: 1.494

Any info regarding, history, rarity, and manufacture would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

The Rimfire Cartridge by John L. Barber shows some examples of; ‘noise blanks.’

There are also examples on Page 112-114 that may be worth exploring, that have; ‘similarities,’ with your first example.

2 looks like 41 Swiss blank

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Okay, Ill look into that, and make some comparisons. Maybe I can draw a conclusion.
Thank you.
Ill let you all know what I find.
Btw is there an online version of that book?

I’ll have to agree Orange. The second one is a 41 Swiss Blank by Rem-UMC.


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Im pretty sure you guys hit the nail right on the head for the blank, 41 Swiss matches almost perfectly. Anyone have any ideas as far as the first one?

Your first one is a Spencer Shot. It could be used in the 56-50, 56-52 or 56-56 Spencer.


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Rimfire (Paul), awesome I was correct about that one then. Do you have any clue of the rarity of this particular cartridge?

The 41 Swiss blank is rather common commanding $2 or $3. The Spencer shot is a little harder to find but not a scarce or rare item.


Awesome, thank you all very much!