Can anyone compare photos 50 cal, 20mm, 1.1" and 40mm?

Hi all, I’m reading a book on the Sullivan brothers of WWII fame. The narrative says the Juneau was armed with the “old” AA 1.1", whereas newer ships including the Enterprise had 40mm - I assume Bofors mounts - which made all the difference in protecting Enterprise from the Japanese, downing 10 of 17 attackers.
Could someone post comparison photos of .50cal-20mm-1.1"-40mm so I can have a mental picture of how the 1.1 fits in the mix? It also talks about the 40mm exploding shells making smoke that was visible from miles away…would this have been the standard 40mm AA round? Were there others?
thanks much, especially for the photos if they’re available. lee

sorry for the double post, no idea how that happened

Go to Tony Williams’ excellant web site and you can find photos of most every cartridge you have been wondering about. Also, a lot of other good stuff.

Thanks Ray, you’re not kidding, that’s a great site!
But is there another nomenclature for the 1.1" gun? Calculating it, 25.4 x 1.1 would equal about 27.9mm. No listing even close to that.
As I understand from what I’m reading, this is a standard Navy AA gun before the 40mm. Other than the 20mm and 5"x38 of course.
The 1.1" is the round I want to compare to the others.
Thanks, lee

Lee: The site Ray mentioned to you pictures the 1.1 in. as 28 x 199 SR. A rose by any other name … Jack

cool…thanks mucho