Can anyone give me the History of Chaudun & Derivière?


I was looking for a brief history of the French ammunition producer, Chaudun and Chaudun & Derivière.

I checked the journals and didn’t find anything and couldn’t find much online either. says Chaudun started producing ammo in 1850, and then became associated with Derivière in 1870 but I think the Derivière part had to have came sooner.



There is a bit more here:



Thanks for showing me that post. But just like the site I mentioned, I think your dates are wrong.

Here is why.

What first has me looking into this at all is I having been doing a little research into what pinfire cartridges have been excavated from US Civil War battlefields. I am trying to get an idea on what companies were used for pinfire cartridges imported for the war efforts.

An interesting selection of cartridges I have come across in this quest comes from Bunker Hill, West Virginia. The items recovered from this particular spot have been determined to have been from a 1862-1863 Confederate camp. Stonewall Jackson’s men were in this area for months.

From this location I received three 9mm pinfire cartridges with the headstamp [color=#0000FF]C & D [/color][color=#FF0000][over][/color] [color=#0000FF]9[/color], two 12mm pinfire cartridges with the headstamp [color=#0000FF]C & D[/color] [color=#FF0000][over][/color] [color=#0000FF]12[/color], and one “12mm” pinfire cartridge with the headstamp [color=#0000FF]CHAUDUN PARIS [/color][color=#FF0000][over][/color] [color=#0000FF]11[/color], a headstamp I have previously never seen.

So if the Civil War relic hunters dates are to be believed then this places Chaudun & Derivière cartridges years before Chaudun & Derivière existed.

But I am not one to just go by other’s word-of-mouth so I have been doing a little more research on Chaudun & Derivière. I have found many articles in different publications in Google Books published well before 1870 that talk about Chaudun & Derivière.

One notable one is this following. It is called the Empire of the French Law Bulletin published in 1863, under the reign of Napoleon III, detailing public laws published between July 1862 - December 1862. In it is the following “law:”

Effectively, “[color=#000080]The transfer registered by the Secretariat of the Prefecture of the Seine, 11 December 1860 made a deed dated 26 November of the same year, society Chaudun and N. Derivière headquartered in Paris, rue du Faubourg-Montmartre n 17 by Mr. Chaudun father’s rights to the patent for inventions of fifteen years he has taken, December 9, 1847 for provisions applicable to firearms and cartridges[/color]”

I believe this is transferring Chaudun’s famous patent from Chaudun to Chaudun & Derivière effective December 11, 1860, which means Chaudun & Derivière existed at least before December 11, 1860.


Thats very interesting information which makes sense.
Thanks for sharing it.