Can anyone help ID this stripper clip?

This bears a strong resemblance to Bergmann-Bayard clips but will not fit the clip guides. Perhaps another AEP item?

pix183971909 pix135554953 pix791072124

Edit - the body of the clip is too wide to fit the Bergmann-Bayard guide as well as too thick front-to-back.

The clip design ( exact dims.?)
Is similar in design to the Greek MS military clip design.

Other possibility is FN 9x47 clip
(.35 Rem Auto…Browning Model 8)

Detailed photos and dimensions
Doc AV

Hi Drake,

It is a 6-shot charger for the 7.63 x 25 mm Mannlicher Carbine (so-called 1897/01 model).



I took a few more photos and appended the measurements.

Thanks! That certainly looks like it and 7.63x25mm Mannlicher fits into the clip (as does 9mm Bergmann, 7.65mm Borchardt, etc). Surprising that the design is so similar to the later Bergmann clips as I don’t believe there was any developmental similarities.

You are welcome! I forgot to mention that your example should be marked “K C” (Keller & Comp.) and is found in Hirtenberger boxes. Check the blued section on the sides of the “V” shaped rib.

I do see the K C stamp now and it is faintly apparent in the middle photo of the composite I just posted. Thanks again! Disappointing that it ended up not being a Bergmann-Bayard clip as that is what I am really after!

Drake - unfortunately, the Bergmann-Bayard stripper clips were even hard to find when I was collecting auto pistols in the late 1960s and early 1970s. I had about a half dozen Bergmann pistols at the time. I ended up getting a holster complete with two stripper clips, the cleaning rod, and a spare magazine, all still in the pouches, out of Denmark. If you have any gun-collecting friends in Denmark, you might try that source. They were a primary user of the Bergmann-Bayard, with the Models 1910 and 1910/21. You almost certainly know they even made them there, first with markings “Hærens Tøjhus” and then with “Hærens Rustkammer.”

Both clips I got were marked A.E.P. as I recall.

In the US, anyway, this clip seems to be one of the harder ones to obtain.

John Moss

Must be Belgian then as A.E.P. stands for Anciens Etablissements Pieper.

Duqjans - yes, they were Belgian. I have never seen or heard of a 6-shot BB Pistol clip with Danish Markings. I guess because they were neutral for so long, and then the German Invasion was very quick, that they did not have a need to manufacture them, and simply bought sufficient stocks of them from A.E.P. Again, “I guess” is the operative word. I can only go by what I have records or personal knowledge or experience of. I was very interested in the Danish BB pistols, and wrote an article, not without later discoveries of a few errors (Reference: “Shooting Times” magazine, Volume II, No. 3, March 1970, “Special Handgun Issue,” pages 42 - 47.

This was a “gun article,” with only one paragraph on the ammunition on the last page.

Edited to provide date of Shooting Times magazine, found in its pages after first posting.

John Moss

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Jim Alley

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