Can anyone ID these please?

-I recently dug these up in Belgium using a metaldetector and shovel, and I have a difficult time finding any information on them.
They are 10 cm by 5 cm or 4 inch by 2 inch.
-I would like to clean them as good as possible but as you can see there is cluttered gunpowder coming out that could be enclosing uncluttered gunpowder within ? How would one proceed ? Can it detonate because of chocs, or by drilling in de cluttered gunpowder etc…
Any help would be apreciated.

These are projectiles for the Belgian DBT mortar!
In no case touch or handle these and call in your authorities to assure safe disposal!

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Thank you for your time. The authorities will be notified.

You’re playing with your life. Well, I don’t mind, but your friends, relatives and family do. Or so I hope…