Can anyone ID this Headstamp for me?



I’m still trying to learn the Photobucket thing!! I cannot find this HS in any reference I have. Thanks


I have mine listed as Ball M1936 from Fabrica National de España, Palencia, Spain (correct?). The headstamp on most of these rounds are so poorly struck they are unreadable. Yours is one of the better strikes.


Thanks so much … I’ve had this for about 3 years and you are the first person I have talked with that had one like. This forum thingie is OK!! thanks loads!


I have the same round. It is definitely Spanish, and I would think that Phil is correct about it being from Fábrica Nacional de Palencia (F.N.P). Why they did this in the same year that they made ammunition with their own normal headstamp showing the FNP initials, is not clear to me. One could have understood it during the Spanish Civil War, but in 1949, it begs questions. Perhaps these were a contract for some other country. Pure conjecture on my part.

John Moss