Can anyone identify this box of ammo?


I bought out a firearms estate some time ago. In the lot I found a box of ammo labled as “88 Mauser” (pictured on left). However, I also found another unopend box that I am unable to identify. I believe it may also be ammo for the 1888 Commision Rifle…however, I am not sure. Up to this point all I know for certain about it is that it has German writing and has the date of April 18th, 1900. Can anyone help me identify it? Does anyone have an idea of what it would be worth?

I also found this picture of another box of ammo. While I do not own this box the lable seems simular:


They have a Swiss chocolate flavour to me, I know I am wrong if it says Mauser and shows 5 cartridges.




Sorry, I just bought my first 3 Schmidt-Rubins and had no time to look at ammo. Swiss had 12 round and 6 round configurations so this must be German. I’ll keep quiet.


The shape of the box and its label tell us it is German, and the date (gefertigt/made 11 April 1900) tells us it is for the Model 88 Rifle. The ammunition in the labeled box was clearly made at M.F. Dresden (Munitions Fabrik Dresden) in Germany. That is the box pictured singularly from another source. The box you acquired is German for the Model 88, but I cannot read the manufacturer on the label, as the picture (and perhaps the label) is somewhat “washed out.” It could have well be made at a different factory, but is German and for the 8 x 57 Mauser Model 1888 just the same. It is very close in date to the box with the legible label, being made 18 April 1900, and likely is from Dresden also, although again, I can’t be sure of that as it is illegible as it appears on my screen.