Can anyone identify this German shell casing

My first post. I found this unmarked brass shell casing on a north German beach. Can anyone help identify the maker, gun it came from etc? The beach is next to an abandoned army base in Kuehlungsborn on the Baltic coast. It’s 45mm in diameter and 250 mm long and looks like brass. My young son is very interested. Thanks

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Possibly a German 37 x 265mmB Flak cartridge case.

Some examples:



Could you provide a picture from the head stamp?


Hi Brian
Thanks for the reply. The base looks slightly different but it could be. Where is the 3,7 cm measured?



The 37mm are on the inside of the case neck which in your image is totally destroyed.

That is why Dutch asked for the headstamp, which normally contains the information you are looking for.

Hope this helps:


It appears your cartridge case went through an explosion/fire, sometime in the past, possibly with other large caliber ammunition as indicated by the extensive mutilation of the case.
The bottom of the case may be stamped with numbers and letters (called a headstamp), if so can you please take a photo and post here on the forum?
Note that since the case has been mutilated and has been in a sea water environment, probably for many years, the headstamp may be missing.



Here is a drawing shared by another forum member

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Below a brass case and a steel case