Can anyone identify this projectile please?



I’ve had this in my collection for years and never got round to finding out exactly what it is.
Can anyone identify it please?

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That is a projectile for the 15x104mm BESA round. Would you be interested in selling it / trading it for something? I acquired a case in this calibre today, and was wondering where I could source a projectile.



Talk about coincindence! You should go out and buy a lottery ticket. I hope you guys can get together.



Hi Falcon,

Many thanks for the ID.

From what I’ve heard,these are hard to get hold of,is this true?

Any idea on how much they sell for?

I could be interested in selling/exchanging as I mainly collect large calibre (artillery/tank) rounds/fuzes/grenades etc.

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They are rather scarce, that is true. I don’t have much in the way of artillery / tank ammunition / fuses / grenades etc. However, I would be willing to trade this for a fired British 80/44 Alumnium time fuse in dug condition? Are you interested?

Here is a photo of the 15x104 BESA case (top) next to a .50 BMG (bottom) and ruler. This case is headstamped "K.40 15MM WZ"The BESA was developed as a scaled up version of the 7.92mm BESA tank machine gun of Czech design, and was liscence built in the UK. Several British light tanks from the WW2 era had one or two of these guns as their main armament. The 15mm BESA was declared obsolete in 1949.


Hi Falcon,

Thanks for the offer,but I’ll pass as I don’t collect ground dug items.

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Are you interested in selling it?


What sort of price were you thinking of offering?

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I don’t know, it is your item. I would be willing to swap it for one of the 1" Aiming rifle projectiles listed on here last week (shown below).


I’ve been in touch with a fellow collector/dealer and according to him these sell for approx


How large? About all I can do that is unusual is a South African 20x139 Case and its link. Does the 1" Aiming rifle projectile not interest you?


It doesn’t have to be unusual,just a shell case/projectile etc that I don’t already have.

The aiming cartridge doesn’t really fit in with my collecting area.

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Okay, what do you think about the South African 20x139 Oerlikon KAD? It is a black painted fired steel case, with headstamp “D 00 VM 20mm”, and a brass screw in primer assembly. It also has a matching South African made link.

Here is a scan of the case head: This case head looks tatty, as I scanned it on a scanner in school, so took the most battered of the five cases, just in case it was lost / stolen / confiscated by some busybody teacher. The other four are in much better nick.

Here are five of these cases in their links:

What do you think?


Sorry,sounds like I’m being picky here but I’m not! (honest!)

20mm is too small,I try to collect from 37mm upwards.

You don’t happen to have a ‘long’ 2 pounder case for the tank/anti-tank gun do you,as I need one desperately!?

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I do, but I only have one, and it has been highly polished and cut down slightly at the top. Okay as an ornament, but not as good as collector material.


Hmmm,looks like cash if there is nothing to exchange!

Do you have paypal?

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Sorry, I do not have paypal, not


OK,no problem!

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