Can anyone identify this WW1 item?


Picture of the ends might help.

Caratunk - the last link you posted did not work (and was deleted). Is there another way to post additional photos or links to photos? Thanks

How do you know it’s a WWI item?
Could be a fountain pen.

The previous link was to a similar Facebook posting with more pics. Will upload here too.Uploading…

Hi Folks - time for round 2 (?) of my WW1 “what the heck is this thing?” post. It came from my grandfather’s WW1 materials (Co. C, 101st Inf, 26th YD). It is cigar shaped, all brass, tapered on each end. One side slightly smaller than the other. Each end has a hole in it, one larger than the other. Internally there are two free moving captured springs, with access ports for each on one side. It has a US patent stamp out the outside, but the number is barely legible.
My guess is it is some kind of “pin” tool, but I really have no clue. Construction is %100 brass, including the springs (as far as one can tell).
Any thoughts as to what this is and what it was used for?

Some sort of device to connect two tubular objects, or other shapes with a socket to fit this, such as tent poles, wagon or ambulance or artillery carriages or covers? Or for antennas for radios or electrical connections for lighting or motors?
I doubt it is ammunition related.
All speculation.