Can somebody identify this cartridge and which firearm this fired?

Found near Amsterdam, says TA ?
Is it WW2?

Greetings Marcel

More pic’s


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Looks like a 7.5x55 Swiss round from 1978 or '79.

Why do you think its a swiss round and what kind if firearm might be used?

because it has a swiss headstamp from Thun Factory and the metallsupplier was Altdorf…
and it is way after ww2 time

Thanks for the helpfull info! Any chance we can identify the firearm?

I agree with the identification of jonnyc and Forensic. But identifying the firearm is speculation. Where did you find the case?

If it was found in the Netherlands, as it seems to say in the first column, it was likely fired from a surplus Schmidt Rubin straight-pull, bolt-action rifle, of one model or another. I doubt anyone could refine it down to which variation. Some PE-57 Stg. were sold in a semi-auto commercial form, but this could not be from one of those, as they leave a distinctive “double-shoulder” on the case after firing. I cannot think, off hand, of any other 7.5 Swiss-caliber rifle that would likely be fired in Holland at the time, or after, this cartridge case was made.

As duqjans correctly pointed out, this identification, like any other, would be pure speculation at this point in time.

John Moss

Thanks for all the answers. If found the cardridge in some debris of old buildings. the debris was used for to pave a new road as a foundation. because the area is quite urban and there is no big game in the area (only some pork in centre of the Netherland, but not in the Amsterdam neighbourhood…). So i thought this is a very big gun for this environment.
So i don’t think this shot was fired for hunting, but i will investigate which firearms the Dutch police used back in the day… i Know they used to have bolt-action rifles too.

Of course, there is no guarantee that an old fired case was actually fired at the location that the case is found at. There can be other explanations.

John Moss

Construction sites often request and bring in “clean fill”, dirt, gravel, etc. from surrounding towns, to back fill their building work.

The only one shooting a Swiss rifle in Holland would be a sports shooter. These saw no service use there at all. So the case is the remnant of some hobbyist action.

It’s a rather comon weapon here in the sport shooting buisnes. So it isn’t so that surprising. Probably belonged to a kid that bought It, found it , or was given it by a sportsshooter.