Can someone identify this 30mm projectile?

30mm HEI


The drive band and crimp grooves look identical to my 30x173mm TP projectile belonging to the CPIC (Coastal Patrol Interdiction Craft, if that is correct) gun.

I believe the gun was made by EMERLEC, but I cannot remember the gun designation off my head. Might be a good point to start researching.

Very nice projectile either way!!

I’ll need to do some more research as I’m not 100% certain, but both Maverick1112003b’s and Spaceinvader’s projectiles may be from General Electric Phase 1 GAU-8/A development. GE initially used copper driving bands when they were developing GAU-8/A ammunition, and only later did they switch to nylon bands.

Spaceinvader’s TP projectile matches loaded GE Phase 1 rounds from the Woodin Lab, both in general appearance as well as in manufacturer/lot/date stamping. The CPIC rounds in the Lab collection are a little bit lighter blue and they seem to all have RNO markings, although they are otherwise very similar.

In Historical Development Summary of Automatic Cannon Caliber Ammunition: 20-30 Millimeter, Dale Davis indicates that GE was involved in directing the development of the CPIC ammunition during the same time frame that they were working on GAU-8/A ammunition. I’m not certain whether there were any shared components between the projects.

Hopefully someone with more knowledge than me will respond, but if not I will do some more digging and see what I can come up with.

The Emerlec-30 or EX-74 was a naval mounting which had two Oerlikon KCB cannon, one each side of the gunner’s cabin. The KCB (formerly known as Hispano Suiza HS 831L) fires 30 x 170 ammo, which is much the same size and power as 30 x 173.

Ahh thank you Tony, took a shot off the top of my head with that.

I’ll have to figure out what I was thinking of then…

You are right that the Emerlec-30 was originally developed for the US CPIC, but Friedman says only a prototype was built. The Emerlec-30, in revised form, was sold to half a dozen other countries, and over 150 had been built by 1988.

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Oh that is very interesting, do you know why only one prototype of the original was built?

Here’s a photo of the prototype (evidently without the gun mounting).

And here’s a YouTube film from Emerson about the gun mounting, showing it in use (starting at 1 min 35 secs). Possibly the film will tell you why the CPIC was cancelled, but I don’t have time to watch it all at the moment!

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