Can someone identify this cartridge?

I found 6 of these cartridges, in a forest ground near Stuttgart in Southern Germany. Does anyone know when they were made and for which machine? Thanks!

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This is a 7.9x57mm (7.92x57mm) cartridge case.


DM= Deutsche Waffen-u. Munitionsfabriken A.-G., , Früher Lorenz , Karlsruhe, Germany. Maker of the cartridge case.

S= S type cartridge case

3= month of manufacture

07= 1907, year the cartridge case was produced

The knurled ring around the cartridge case indicates blank loading with wood bullet.

Hope this helps.


month of manufacture ;)

Thanks! It helps a lot :) Do you know what they could have been used for? I found many American IIWW cartridges in the same forest, these are the first Germans ones I dug out. But if these are from 1907 they were probably not used in the war or?


Thanks for the correction, I will amend my post accordingly.



Concerning the 7.9mm cases you found, how they got there and when is almost impossible to say.
Putting a knurled ring on blank cartridge case started after 1912. So your case may have been originally loaded as a regular ball (bullet) cartridge, fired and reloaded as a blank cartridge. Hopefully other members with more knowledge can provide additional information.


That’s really interesting, Thanks Brian.