Can you assist me with determining value/collectibility


I’m planning on selling off some of my collection & I don’t know much about ammo & need some advice as to what the values may be, etc…

I also can’t decide if I should list them at gunbroker or auctionarms. Where do you think I’d sell better at?

Anyway, I have few different items & wanted to get an idea as to what to use for a reserve price, what you think they’re worth, etc…

The first one is a small box, Remington, UMC .30 cal 110grs Mushroom Bullets & has 19 in the box that would hold 25 if full. It’s dated 1918. I’d say the box is very good condition, though seems yellowed a bit & has a penciled price marking of .65

The next one is Winchester Repeating Arms .22 Long Rifle. It’s a small red box, & is in very good shape, though the black text is hard to read on the red unless under bright light & there’s 29 out of 50 still in the box. I can’t find the date on this one.

Next is Union Metallic Cartridge Co, .32 S&W & has 37 of 50 still in box. Box is missing some of label on sides & I’d say fair to good condition.

Next is a nice excellent condition, full box Winchester .32 automatic Colt 7.65mm Browning Full Patch 74 grain & is dated April, 1920.

I have an empty S&W .32 box in poor to fair condition & a couple old shotshell boxes from I think 1930s but doubt they’re worth much, but for most part wanted some feedback on these.

I’m considering putting them on auction so I can use funds for some muzzleloading stuff. Would these be worth much more later if I saved them. Should I save them & then sell when my daughters are heading to college in 11 years



Obviously, your boxes would be worth more later, but since you seem to be inclined to sell them I’d suggest selling them now, as tuition is rising at a significantly higher pace than this old ammo; at least that is my experience here in Florida. Who knows what the laws regulating the sale of ammunition will be later, should you decide to wait. Unfortunately, I don’t believe you are going to be able to cover the cost of your muzzle loading stuff with the boxes you have pictured, unless you already have the firearm and are just looking for powder and a few loading accessories. The only box you have that is full is the .25 ACP, the one that is worth the least as a full box. The box with potential is the Winchester .22 LR box, but it has obvious condition issues that will affect its selling price. Your best bet with it may be to remove the remaining cartridges and list it on Ebay, which still seems to be the place to get the premium prices for good boxes, in spite of their anti-anything-gun-related attitude. With plenty of interest on Ebay, this box in very good condition should bring in excess of $100; the overall condition of yours will be the determinant of what it will bring. The other boxes range in value between $15 and perhaps $25.