Can you guess which cartridge is used in this weapon?

I was very surprised when I learned about this, so I decided to start a quiz thread and hopefully surprise some of you as well.

Can you guess which cartridge is used in this weapon?

For some reason I want to say 12,7x76 aka cal. .50 spotter M/48?
I’m probably way off!

If not, maybe a 12ga subcalibre adapter…??

  • Ole

Blind guess, but I hope it is 12 gauge 2 3/4". Knowing there’s a 40mm shot shell, I suspect I am incorrect however.

I’m going to throw the Mortar subcaliber 3-F-8 trainer out there as a guess.

I know there was a 20ga rifled subcaliber barrel, but i’m not sure it’s this one

Thank you very much for your interest, you are very close, but none of these answers is the correct one.

Hint: it is an indirect fire round.

Well, it appears to be a sub-cal for an M-79-ish weapon, and judging by the size of the thumb, a .45 ACP might share a similar ballistic arc.

A wild guess: could it be a variant of the 14.5 mm cartridge also used for artillery training? That at least is an indirect fire cartridge, the barrel length of “Kleinschießgerät” would be about right, and I know the U.S. Army also used (uses?) it.

10 ga. Very flare cartridge.


Black powder cartridge with a .69 Minne Ball?

This is a wild guess, but are you implying to the 10 .22 LR cartridges that were actuated by 10 ball bearings and a pistol primer (hornet’s nest shot) ?

.22 Blank

I’m with Jonnyc. My guess is .45 ACP, silenced.

I’ll go with the 14.5mm artillery trainer spotter round.

Ok, the quiz is over, thank you all.

JPeelen is the winner with his wild guess about the 14.5 mm spotter cartridge. Pete is right as well.

Below you can seen a picture of a very rare subcaliber training device for the US M79 grenade launcher. It is of German origin and dates from c. 1967, but I don’t know who may have been the manufacturer (it was available from by Dynamit Nobel). As far as I know, it was not adopted by any country.




Very interesting!

There is also the 12ga subcaliber tube (Frankford 12ga adapter) for the M79 shown in this Small Arms Review article “The Development of the M79 Grenade Launcher”, second photo in the Image Gallery to the right of the article: … icles=2378 :-)


I am happy I guessed it correctly. Fedes hint at indirect fire set me on the right path. Admittedly I had some advantage over others, because I know the 14.5 artillery trainer from my military service.

Great info Fede, thanks for widening the horizon!