Can you help me identify age and value?


Hello to all,
I have a full box of unused Winchester (Ranger) 10 guage shell’s. These shell’s are black powder blanks. This is a box of 25 shell’s.

I have pictures that I can send to anyone that can help me. I am not sure if I can, or even how to send pic’s directly through this site.

I am ultimately interested in the age of the box and it’s contents, and then a possible value.

Thank you very much! Sincerely, Steve


Welcome. You could go to and see if there is a similar box in their current auction to get an approximate value. No doubt there are other auction sites but that is the one I am most familiar with.

To post pics, go to and set up an account (it’s free).
You can then download your pics to that site. Once there hover over the image and a list of 4 links will open. Copy the bottom link and paste here.



The 10 GA black powder blanks may have more value to a collector with one of the Winchester saluting cannons than to a straight cartridge collector.