Can You Identify this Ordnance?

I found this forum while searching for sites to help identify some of the old ammunition shells and other items inherited from my Dad who recently passed at age 89. This is my first post, but as new items are unearthed, I hope it is okay to return with more questions from the experts here…

This large shell has stood near the fireplace my entire life, but I don’t recall exactly what it is or what to do with it now that he is gone. It is approximately 24" tall and 7" in circumference. I do recall my Dad telling people that he found it in a crate washed up on the beach of Lake Erie. As a Korean War Artillery veteran, there is no doubt that he had it examined and defused before painting it. Guessing that it was found circa 1950’s or so.

Any insight or ideas on what it might be?

Captac, sorry to hear of your Dad passing away, and welcome to the Question and Answers Pages!
No, I know nothing about those, except my habit of calling it a ‘Big Bullet’.

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Check for markings tamped into the metal either on the copper rotating band or on the steel body a few inches above the band.
I suspect it is a 155mm projectile which is about 6" diameter (a little larger measured at the rotating band) and about 24-26" long.

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Thank you for your assistance, John. Your dimensions would be about right. Will look for other markings when I next return to his home in a couple of weeks.

Thanks for your kind words, Jack…indeed a mighty big bullet!

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