Can you identify this rifel round?


I found this round in the bottom of a box of stuff donated to my churches yard sale. I was wondering if anyone might be ableto identify the data stamp, I am in Nova Scotia, Canada, if that helps.

P.S. Thanks for the help with the photo.

Thanks BLevy


look at the IAA main page.


You find; Industries Valcartier Inc., Valcartier, Quebec, Canada



IVI is the Bilingual rendition (French and English) of “Industries Valcartier” (Fr) and Valcartier Industries (Eng) as required by Canadian Law. NO “incorporated” about it. More than likely, the company definintion of IVI ( in French is “S.A.” and in English is Ltd.)

Doc AV


I’m sorry Doc, but you are NOT correct. On my “Canuck” brand 9 mm Para box (Headstamp of cartridge “IVI 9mm LUGER”) the company name is given in English as Valcartier Industries Inc. and in French as Industries Valcartier Inc. On IVI CAtalogs of 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981,and 1982 (English Language) it is Valcartier Industries Inc. and on 1978 (French Language) it is Les Industries Valcartier Inc. On Catalogs from 1983, 1984 and 1985, it is shown as simply IVI Inc., which makes the last “I” in “IVI” redundant, of course. Those three are all English language.

There is simply no question that the firm’s name in French, Les Industries Valcartier Inc., matches the “IVI” appellation.


Could it be that both interpretations are correct? Perhaps the IVI covers both languages (Les Industries Valcartier Industries) and the “Inc.” is just ignored on the headstamp?


Aside from how the corporate identification is styled, it appears you have a 7.62 X 51mm NATO round from IVI. As you do not show qa picture of the profile, it is not possible to say what type of bullet is used. The circle-cross indicates it meets NATO specifications, and the 73 means 1973, date the case was manufactured. It is probably a military round.


I don’t see any reason why they would have IVI representing “Industries Valcartier Industries,” which is redundant, when the name of the company is Industries Valcarteir Inc., which is also “IVI” (in the French form of the name). Since the company Corporate location is in Montreal, Quebec, it stands to reason that the initials for the French form of the name would be used.

Regarding the fact it is a NATO military headstamp, if the initials have not already been assigned to some other NATO Industry, it seems they have no problem using the company initials on military ammo, such as FC, WCC, etc. If the initials IVI had already been assigned to some other company, than IVI would have other headstamp initials.