Canada 7.62x39 Adapter

Does anyone know what cartridge is used with the Canadian made 7.62x39 Sub-Caliber Adapter?

.22 short according to P. Regenstreif’s book.


AKMS–Thanks. Are the adapters made out of steel. brass or aluminum?

Does anyone know why Canada would made a .22 Adpater cartridge in caliber 7.62 x 39mm? Commercial, I assume - unless a military contract for someone else, which doesn’t seem likely. Cheaper for most countries that use these weapons to shoot 7.62 x 39 ammo, than .22s. Just wondered.

Could someone show us an image so the rest of us clueless knows what it is all about?

With Msr. Regenstreif’s permission, I can scan the image of the adaptor cartridge from his book and post it here. From what I can make of the French text, this was made of lathe-turned steel around 1965 for the US Department of Defense. The pic is just a side view with no clues as to it’s actual operation.


AKMS–I have some conflicting information. I have received an email forwarded to me from Stephen Fuller who says the adapter was for .22 LR not .22 Short. The email also indicated the adapter was for the SKS-46 not the AK-47.

Does anyone actually know someone who has one of these adapters?

Please, AKMS, you can scan the picture and post it here, no problem…



Merci, Phillipe.