Canada Day & Canadian Cartridges


I figured my post would get deleted without a reference to cartridges so here’s a photo of one I got just recently. A 7mm Compromise, hs DA^ 52. On the right is it’s US brother, hs FA 51.

Pretty neat, Eh?



Canadian Sunset
Canadian Rockies
Canadian Beer
Canadian Whiskey
Canadian Mounted Police
Canada Geese
Canadian Bacon
Canadian Football
Canadian French
Canadian English
Canadian Dollar
Canadian Snowbirds

And my own favorite - Canadian Loonie

Did I miss any?

Ray–It’s nit-picking time again. There is no such bird as “Canadian Geese”. It is a “Canada” Goose or “Canada” Geese. Common mistake, especially by you Navy types who live so far from the Canada Border. BTW, why is it that so many Navy guys choose “DRY” places like Arizona to retire to. Do you hate water that much??? I was in the Air Force, but I still love AIR PLANES!!!


Your nit-pick is duly noted.

We did not move to AZ to get away from the water. We moved here to get away from the damp cold. After 30 years in Alaska both my wife and I decided it was time to warm up and dry out. We are just about there. There’s only a small vestige of web remaining between our toes. :<) :<)

BTW, AZ is not only Phoenix. We live at 6500 feet elevation. We have rain, snow, and 4 seasons. Right now it is 80 degrees, 32% humidity. Can it get any better than that?


I visited Canada with my parents when I was two years old. I still vageuly remember bits of it! I would like to go back one day.

Thank You, got to handle the rifle for that ctg once.

or Canadian border !?!? I had to get my two cents worth in.

Ray!! How could you forget Canadian Club!!!

The first nit-picker doesn’t have a chance. ;) ;)

Ah yes, Canadian Club. Back when I was a lad trying to fool a bar-keep into giving me a drink I would ask for a CC and 7. That made it sound like I was all grown up and legal to drink. It never worked, of course, and I had to wait until I was 21. Nowadays, kids have fake IDs or they simply rob a liquor store.


While it may not fit the exact theme format of Ray’s list, I would just like to add that, personally, I don’t think New Year’s Eve would be half as popular as it is now if it were not for Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians.

To keep with the Forum intent, I would like to add that I have found no historical evidence to substantiate the fact that none of them were collectors of ammunition.

Happy Canada Day to all!


Ray, you missed Canadian GIRLS. Last time I was up there, I saw quite a few lookers in Canada. The best would be a Canadian girl who likes cartridges… surely there are a few?

How about the Canadian sniper with the longest confirmed kill on record? What was he using ( a .50 of course ) for ammo? Does Canada make it’s own .50 BMG ammunition for snipers?


Dave, a very worthy addition to the list. And another famous “Guy” too. ;)

AKMS, yeah, a pretty girl could be at the top of anybody’s list.

With the US birthday coming up in just 3 days wouldn’t it be interesting if one of our Canadian collectors would do a similar thread on what they see as “American” traditions?


Hey, there’s some good Canadian Beer, too, eh!
Which of course you drink…while going through cartridges.

Do you know that you can’t get “Canadian bacon” in Canada?Up here we call it “back bacon”.

[quote=“AKMS”]How about the Canadian sniper with the longest confirmed kill on record? What was he using ( a .50 of course ) for ammo? Does Canada make it’s own .50 BMG ammunition for snipers?


Yes Canada does make its own specialized .50 BMG sniper ammo. IVI here in Canada makes it. Whether or not he was using Canadian ammo at the time… I dont know…

SCHOONER beer. Went a-partyin’ with some frog canucks who were Destroyer crewmen on a NATO gig in Rosie Roads. Spent the day puttering around the bay in one of their motorized lifeboats, swiggin’ away. Good stuff. AND, they had a bar in their mess*! 10 cent shots. Double plastered before the day was done.

  • FYI- No booze allowed on US mil. vessels, so the bar was a nice touch. For them.

My understanding is that he was using a MacMillan rifle with this type of ammunition. This round is headstamped WCC96.

Thanks for the birthday wishes.

Thanks for that info on the .50 ammunition!

Rick, Some Marine buddys and I learned the hard way that Dutch sailors are allowed to drink beer at their evening mess… 6 months at sea with nothing good to drink then a liberty call in Dubai. We were unprepared…

Good folk, those Dutch guys and we met some Norwegians too and got a tour of their ship. To keep this thread ammunition-related, I looked at the .50 BMG ammunition in the loaded “small boat watch” guns and saw an “RA” headstamp. HA! I knew it wasn’t Remington!