Canadammo Dominion logo needed

I came across this box of 7.62x39 made by Lugansk Cartridge works for Canadammo and their Dominion line: … -62x39-hp/

Is there anybody who owns a box or a catalog or similar (the larger the original the better) where he could scan the Dominion logo from at the highest possible resolution?
It would be a great help and much appreciated!

Alex, I hope that you can use the image shown below until you find something better. The company that owns this trademark is Disco-Tech Industries, Inc. in North Vancouver, BC, and the ammunition is marketed through their website named CanadaAmmo, as both are owned by the same person. Regards, Fede.

Fede, this is the logo as such but it was taken at an angle and the resolution is not the best.
I will need to render a high res. b/w image of it.

The issue got solved! Thanks all!