Canadian .455 cartridges

Can anyone tell me when Canada started making .455 Webley ammunition and when they stopped?

I have in my possession a .455 cartridge from a packet marked “Powder warmer” can anyone tell me what this means?

Can you post a picture of the packet ?

No, I don’t have the packet only the cartridge from it. Sorry about that!

what is the headstamp and bullet type on the cartridge?

It is a .455 Webley Mk II with the headstamp DAC 19 23 II. It appears to be a standard Mk II Webley ball except that the packet label states that it is a powder warmer and I trust the provider of the information.

I suspect it has something to do with acceptance proof of .455 ammunition, being used to bring the gun to the correct temperature before firing the subject ammunition for velocity and accuracy proof.


Dear Tony E
That sounds like a reasonable explanation of the packet label and indicates that the cartridge may just be a standard ball after all.

Thank you.