Canadian .577 Snider ammunition

I believe the Canadians manufactured the .577 Snider around about 1890. Could anyone provided details of what they made and when?

I don’t know much about Canadian Snider ammunition, but have a look at this auction for the information and pictures of 14 variants. … =144885709

Have a look here also for a full packet of Dominion Cartridge Co. 1885 coiled case. … =144478831

Dominion Cartridge Factory, Quebec City, made of Boxer .577" Snider ammo 1884 to 1891 in ball and blank. Ball ammo was equivalent of MkIX but lacked the red band on the paper. Second variation dispensed with the paper wrap on the case. Large quantities of earlier ball ammo were converted to blanks.

Dominion Cart Co started making solid drawn 1 5/8" Snider ammo c1886 til c1942 in ball and shot loads. A smokeless load was introduced in the late 1930s.

Here you go Puddles, these are the Canadian .577" Snider 1st & 2nd Models. The big difference not apparent in the picture is that the 2nd Model has a sycamore expansion plug visible at the nose of the bullet.



The wood plug in the nose of the bullet was omiitted in the MkVII (1869) and later rounds when the hollow nose was spun over. All Cdn produced .577" had the spun over nose.
I have saw two reasons why the DCF ceased to put the wrapper on ctgs.

  1. Tests showed that the wrapper could draw damp and deteriorate the powder.
  2. It made the cases easier to reload. DCF produced reloading kits for the .577" so that rifle clubs could reload ammo.