Canadian 7.9 addendum


Further to the previous discussion on this clandestine ammunition, here is another piece of the puzzle that might help with dating this ammunition.

I believe that ‘C.A.L.’ is Canadian Arsenal Limited.



Paul - while not conclusive evidence by any means, the “41” date on this cartridge on a 1952 Domainian
Arsenal Quebec presentation, sqaures well with my own theory of years and years that if you simply change the first digit “4” to a “5” in the date of these rounds dated 40, 41. 42. 43. 44 and 45, you have the correct years of manufacture.



While I am at it, I might as well report that I have 12 variations of this 7.9 cartridge in my own
collection. All that are bulleted had GM Spitzer bullets - no steel jackets or cores.

Ball, 7.92 MM 40
Ball, 7.92 MM 41
Ball, 7.92 MM 42 (Thick headstamp letters)
Ball, 7.92 MM 42 (Thin headstamp letters)
Ball, 7.92 MM 43
Ball 7.92 MM 44 (no primer seal and and much smaller headstamp letters)
Ball, 7.92 MM 44 (normal black primer seal and “normal” headstamp letters)
Ball, 7.92 MM 45
Barrel proof (?), 7.92 MM 42 (Black bullet tip)
Barrel proof (?), 7.82 MM 44 (Black bullet tip. This round has the small headstamp letters, but does
have a black primer seal)
Grenade blank (?), 7.92 MM 45 (5-Lobe rosebud crimp with cannelure just underneath crimps. With
no documentation for a grenade blank available to me, I have to consider the possibility that this
is a noise-producing blank. It appears to be factory, but could be an after-market cinema blank)
Drill Round, 7.92 MM 40 (four holes in case, plain wood spacer inside. Holes are perfectly executed
and the cartridge lacks the highly visible mouth crimp of the loaded rounds. Definitely a factory

Hope this is of some interest.