Canadian "7.92 MM 44" Headstamp


Here is another headstamp technically not in IAA on-site headstamp catalogue (there is MMM though). What is “MM”? My heart cries “Espana” but I’ve trusted my heart before and look where I am now.


Sorry, I take it back, MM is in the catalogue but out of sequence (MM precedes M). My mistake, it is South African. I expected .303 British from war time British colony, not a Mauser round. Am I wrong?


You are reading this headstamp wrong. Read it as “7.92 MM 1944.” The “MM” simply means “Millemeter.” this was made in Canada, but is a clandestine headstamp and was not made in 1944. There is also a 9mm in this series. This topic has been covered in depth on the forum before.


These were made in the late 40s and early 50s for an US Agency and along with the 9mm version were issued with captured German weapons. As John said, made in Canada.

Since it is a caliber designation and not a headstamp code it doesn’t appear in the list of codes!

Cheers, Lew


To see a long and detailed discussion of this topic, search for a post called “7.92x57 with ~7.92 MM 44~ headstamp”.


Dominion Arsenal made this ammunition and here is a display board with both the 7.9 and 9 x 19 shown with all of its manufacturing steps.

The 7.9mm is headstamped '7.92 MM 45’
The 9 mm is headstamped ‘9 MM 45’


VERY interesting! Any date on the board?


I have 2 other boards which were most likely made by the same employee - all use the same constructon, method of attaching the rounds to the board, signage, etc. The .30-06 AP and Tracer Board is headstamped '51 and the .303 ball and blank board is '56. But no, nothing on the board itself which dates it.


The '51 and '56 tend to supoport the “clandestine” theory of the MM headstamped 9mm and 7.92 rounds.


I am glad to see those boards. If the rounds in question were made in the years the headstamp numbers indicate, which they were not, the Boards would be earlier, I would think, and from Defense Industries. The dates of the series of boards are significant. I am still of the opinion that you can substitute a 5 for the first 4 of the headstamp date, and have pretty much when these were made. I know that it is felt some were made as early as 1944, but I don’t really agree with that. Everything physical about the rounds - sequence of magnetic bullets and black PA points to 1950s manufacture for all of them.