Canadian 9mm blank and 7x57 nhs

The earliest date on a cdn 9mm I have observed is 48, hs DAC 48 9mm. Is there an earlier dated DA hs.
Also have a 7x57 no hs, large .25" brass primer, rn sp, cupro nickel bt. Anyone have any idea who made it?

The earliest 9 mm Blank with a DA (DAC) headstamp is dated 48. No earlier date is known.
However, the prototype for this style of blank, perhaps from as early is WWII, is headstamped "D.C.Co. .351 S.L.R. I have one of these in my own collection, and other identical speciments are known. It is also covered in “9 mm Peadstamp and Cast Type guide,” by Lewis E. Curtis III (AKA “Lew” - :-) )

Just found a DAC blank with 46 date.

Orange - please post a picture of the headstamp and the cartridge. It is an important find and needs to be completely documented.


I’d like to second John’s request. A “46” dated DAC blank is possible, but I have never documented one (or heard of one) before. Confirming it’s existence, particularly with a photo of the headstamp, would be very important. In addition to the blanks discussed here the Woodin Laboratory has what is obviously a DAC blank but with no headstamp so it could be pre-1946, but could also be much later.

Look forward to hearing from you.



Lew - I had already told Orange I would send you the pictures. I have enhanced them somewhat. The date does appear to be “46.” I was waiting until I knew you got home to send them. They will be an email to you shortly. Orange gave his permission to put them on this Forum thread, if you want to do that. As you know well, I am too stupid to figure out the procedure.


Thanks! Here they are for everyone’s enjoyment!

I have got to get my backlog of stuff for the collection into my database. I decided to check and sure enough I have one of these waiting to be entered!!!